Non Prescription Medications

Recently I have been gettings claims with a code of 004 which says the drug is considered to be a Over-The-Counter drug and Tricare will NOT reimburse these drugs. I questioned these and now they did an audit on all of my last 4 years of claims where they paid for these drugs.

Now I have started receiving letters from Tricare saying that I need to return the amount that they have paid in error. THEIR ERROR AND I HAVE TO PAY THEM BACK…

The other day I received another letter requesting another repayment and in the same mail there was a rebursement check for a claim I had submitted. The funny thing is that on this claim were 2 of the drugs that they are now claiming to be Over-The-Counter and they were reimbursed.

Whoever is processing these claims sure DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! AND I HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR ERRORS!!!

I have called Tricare numerous times with no results.

My advice is that if on your claims they claim some items are now considered Over-The-Counter, DO NOT QUESTION THEM or they will also be asking you for repayment too.


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