Find Provider in the Philippines

Finding a Doctor or Pharmacy in the Philippines.

The following link will help you find a Doctor or Pharmacy in the Philippines.

It will ask you for a Province, City, Specialty, Provider Name and Status.

If Province is selected then it will show all listed for that province and then it can be narrowed down by City or Specialty.

After you make your selection just click on the “Search” button. You can also search for a provider by name.

In the middle of the page you can download in “Excel” or “PDF” format the entire list of approved providers as a 26 page document or certified providers as a 311 page PDF document that lists all the providers in the Philippines.

These lists are updated on a regular basis so they should be checked prior to using the services of any provider to make sure they are still registered. Rose Pharmacy, Mercury Drug and some Watson Drug stores in the Philippines have been approved nation wide.

Philippines Pharmacy Changes: Effective September 1, 2011, reimbursement of pharmaceuticals in the Philippines will only be cost-shared when purchased at a TRICARE certified licensed retail pharmacy or TRICARE certified hospital-based pharmacy. Pharmaceuticals purchased from and/or billed by your healthcare provider’s office will no longer be cost-shared by TRICARE.

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