Eligibility requirements for TRICARE FOR LIFE

You must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS).

Sponsors are automatically registered in DEERS.

Sponsors must register eligible family members.

If both parents are service members, select one to be listed as the child(ren)’s sponsor.

How to update DEERS.

To add or remove family members:

  1. Visit a local ID card office.
  2. Call first to verify business hours or to set up an appointment.
  3. Or set up an appointment on-line .

Update Address, Email Address or Phone Number(s).

  1. Log-on to Milconnect.
  2. Call 1-800-538-9552 (TTY/TDD: 1-866-363-2883).
  3. Fax updates to 1-831-655-8317.
  4. Mail updates to:
    • Defence Manpower Data Center Support Office + Attn: COA
  • 400 Gigling Road
  • Seaside, CA 93955-6771

Required documents:

  1. For all customers:
    1. Completed DD Form 1172.
    2. Two unexpired forms of ID.
    3. One must be state or government-issued photo ID.
    4. Acceptable examples include driver’s license, passport, or Social Security card.
  2. For adding a spouse to DEERS.
    1. Marriage certificate.
    2. Spouse birth certificate.
    3. Spouse Social Security card.
    4. Spouse photo ID.
    5. All documents must be originals or certified copies.
  3. For adding a child to DEERS.
    1. Birth certificate.
    2. Social Security card.
    3. If step-child is being added, the marriage certificate is also required.
  4. For Children over age 21 with Full-Time Student Status. Letter from the school’s registrar’s office stating they are enrolled full time in an accredited college in pursuit of an Associate’s Degree or higher to have benefits extended to age 23.
  5. For Beneficiaries Turning Age 65 (TRICARE For Life).

    1. Medicare card. 2. Two forms of ID.

When you have Medicare Parts A and B, you’re automatically covered by TRICARE For Life.

  1. Available worldwide.
    1. TRICARE pays after Medicare in the U.S. and U.S. Territories.
    2. TRICARE is the first payer in all other overseas areas.
  2. Meets requirements for minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
  3. Enrollment not required, but you must pay Medicare Part B premiums.

Getting care

  1. You may visit any authorized1 provider. In the Philippines there is a list of preferred providers that you need to check as Tricare will only reimburse the charges if the provider is on the list.
  2. For services covered by TRICARE but not by Medicare, TRICARE For Life pays first and Medicare pays nothing. You must pay the TRICARE fiscal year deductible ($150.00) and cost shares (25%). MEDICARE does NOT pay for anything outside of the US, so TRICARE is the prime provider.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

  1. You don’t pay any enrolment fees, but you must pay Medicare Part B monthly premiums.
  2. Outside the US the beneficiary pays the provider and then submits a claim for reimbursement to TRICARE.

TRICARE For Life Contractor

In the U.S. and U.S. Territories, Wisconsin Physicians Service WPS is the TRICARE For Life contractor. WPS-TRICARE For Life will provide customer service and claims processing services.

Is TRICARE For Life Right for You? If you have both Medicare Part A and Part B, then TRICARE For Life is the plan for you. Coverage is available worldwide and you can see any provider you want. However, you will have greater out of pocket expenses if you get care from Veteran’s Administration providers or providers who opt-out of Medicare, because they are not permitted to bill Medicare

or are not in the US or its territories.

TRICARE For Life Costs

  1. When you use TRICARE For Life, you don’t pay any enrollment fees. But you must pay Medicare Part B monthly premiums. Your Part B premium is based on your income. For more information about Part B premiums visit www.medicare.gov or call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778).

  2. For services covered by TRICARE but not by Medicare:

    1. TRICARE For Life pays first.
    2. Medicare pays nothing.
    3. You must pay the TRICARE fiscal year deductible and cost shares.
    4. View the TRICARE For Life cost chart for more information.
    5. Note: If you get care overseas (excluding U.S. Territories), you’ll have the same costs as TRICARE Standard Overseas.

  • This is the key word, that the provider is authorized

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