Finished with the Technician Class course

I have finally finished with the free Technician Class course for your study on your way to earning your Technician Class Amateur Radio license.


This course consists of the following elements and is created using the Moodle software program:


    1. Technician frequencies.
      1. This lists the bands and frequencies that are available to a Technician Class license holder.
      2. This will be useful once the license is earned.
    2. The phonetic alphabet.
      1. This lists the phonetic alphabet as used by amateur radio operators whenever spelling their name, call sign or other words that could have multiple spellings.
    3. The complete FCC regulations Part 97.
      1. This may be removed as it is very dry reading and the pertaining parts are described in the following item.
    4. Part 97 sections that apply to the Technician Class examination.
      1. The parts of Part 97 that have questions in the question pool.
      2. Each applicable section is listed as a chapter in a Moodle book.
    5. A 10 question quiz that are taken from the question pool that apply to the above.
      1. This will give you a score to see how well you know the information about the FCC.
      2. The questions are taken randomly from the question pool.
    6. A Technician Class study guide.
      1. This study guide will show you the questions with the correct answers.
      2. I am still looking for a better study guide that will provide you with the theory behind the questions. This will allow you to answer any question that is presented without memorizing the question pool. Most study guides that I have found so far just prepare you to pass the examination and don’t really provide you with the knowledge that you will need once you obtain your license.
    7. Finally a Technician Class Practice examination.
      1. At the end of the 35 questions, that are chosen randomly from the pool, it will present the user with a score for the examination.
      2. The minimum passing score on the real examination is 70%.
      3. This examination as well as any of the other parts may taken in any order and can be taken multiple times.
    8. I may add other items as I have time and think of them.


The Course can be found at and is FREE by just creating a new account. To create this account it will ask for a Username, Password, email address (twice), First name, Surname, City and country. Once this account has been created you can log in with your username and password to access any of the above items.



Updated: December 15, 2013 — 6:44 pm

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