WD My Cloud

Last January while on my annual birthday trip to Cebu I purchased a Western Digital (WD) My Cloud device.

I originally was looking for an external hard drive to connect to my Raspberry Pi computer. Most of the ones available get their power from the USB port but the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have enough power to power any of these drives.

I then looked for a powered USB HUB but no one had any. I have since found a source in Manila that has a web site that I have used in the past, in fact it is where I ordered my Raspberry Pi from.

Basically what this WDMyCloud is is a large disk drive in a box with some firmware to operate it. The one I got has a 2 Terabyte drive in it. It is accessable from the internet, altough I haven’t used this feature yet.

It is supposed to only work with Mac or Windows. In the rest of this post I will show how I am able to use it from Linux.

  1. I unpacked it and connected it to my WiFi router using the supplied ethernet cable. I then plugged it in to the electrical power.
  2. I fired up my Linux Mint box and then opened my virtualbox application that has windowz running in it so it doesn’t contaminate the rest of my system.
  3. I downloaded and installed the software that is required to set up My Cloud. Once that was complete I closed windowz and virtualbox. I am now able to access it from my web browser (Firefox).
  4. In my Linux file manager there is an option to connect to the network. I double clicked that and then up popped 2 icons that say WDMYCloud. I can click on either of them and it will give me a dashboard where I can change various settings.
  5. From my file browser I can select and copy files from my hard drive to the MyCloud. It is quite slow in the copy mode but it happens eventually.
  6. In the web browser I am able to add new users, add new shares/directories, set the user’s access to those shares and a number of other options.

One funny thing I noticed while reading the Instruction manual. The device is supposed to connect to ONLY Mac or windowz. In the manual it gives instructions on how to upgrade the firmware. One of the options is to download a “.deb” file. As far as I know a “.deb” file is a Debian/Ubuntu/Mint Linux package file. This tells me that the operating system in the firmware is LINUX. At least WD knows what a good/reliable/virus free operating system is!!!

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