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Birthday trip to Cebu

As you may or may not know, that January 24th was my 68th birthday.

To celebrate that event Bren & I went to Cebu City.  It is about an 5 hour trip by bus.  There is too much traffic there and my doctor said I shouldn’t drive that long distance any more.  We called a taxi to take us to the bus terminal at 4:30am on Sunday the 23rd but he showed up a little after 4:00am.  We then had to wait until 5:45am when the bus left.  We then arrived around 11:00am & took a taxi to the Marriott hotel where we checked in.  The hotel is right next to the Ayala mall where we went for lunch at T.G.I. Friday restaurant.

We then went looking for computer stores because I had seen articles in several magazines about the MSI all-in-one system.  The Ayala mall, although being a very large mall only had a couple of computer stores.  None that carried the MSI all-in-one.

We then went to the SM mall, which has a large number of computer stores.

There was even one strictly for MSI.  They didn’t have any all-in-ones in stock as it was a special order item.  It was also a low-speed, low capacity without anyway to upgrade it.  Other stores said that the computer manufactures send certain models to different countries and the Philippines is one that gets low-end models.

I then found a HP all-in-one at another store.  It was more than I wanted to spend but it was the only one available.  My Acer laptop has started giving me problems so decided it was time to upgrade to a better model.  I had to get some more money from an ATM so went back on Monday, my birthday, to get it. This is a very high-end machine.  It has a 23″ touchscreen monitor that has the CPU, disk drive and DVD reader/writer built-in.  Hence the model name as “All-In-One”.  It also has a wireless keyboard and mouse.  It has 4 gb of RAM and a 750 gb hard drive and is running Windows 7 Family Premium edition of software.

I was using a simple table for my laptop and this new one is much heavier so I had to get another computer table too.  I am still in the process of getting it set up with the same programs and files that I have on the old one.

On Monday we were going to go to a Chinese restaurant for my birthday supper but it had started raining so we went to a Greek restaurant at Ayala mall instead.  I had grilled lamb chops and Bren had salmon.  We also had a Greek salad to share but it was enough for about 4 people.  Because it was my birthday we were able to get a FREE side dish including ice cream. We took the free dish back to the hotel and then had it for lunch the next day on the bus.

Tuesday while eating breakfast it started raining really hard.  By the time we finished eating we had to dodge around a lot of water.  Made it back to the hotel without getting too wet.  Looked out the window and the streets had all turned to lakes in that short time.  A couple of hours later when it was time to check out, the streets had dried out and we were able to get a taxi to the bus terminal.  When the bus got to the area where we have to cross from Cebu to Negros the sea was getting quite rough so everyone had to get out of the bus.  On Sunday it was much smoother so we could stay on the bus.  They load these vehicles on what they call a “barge” but it looks like WW II landing craft ship.

This blog post is starting to get kind of long so will sign it off now and maybe I can add more later or start a new one.

Enjoy reading and feel free to post any comments.

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